Super Full Moon In Leo (again)

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This is the 2 full moon on Leo in a row. Super full moon in Leo is intense, fiery, and creative. This is a great time to get in touch with our creativity. Super full moon in Leo will help move some creative blockages. We must find new creative outlets for this energy or we will feel burnt out. Leo also deals with the ego, independence, and self expression. We are being encouraged to build healthy egos, express ourselves, and shine as individuals. Leo is dramatic, so make sure you avoid drama and hot heads by any means. Leo is also passionate and courageous. We are being encouraged to face our fears head on and pursue our dreams. Full moon in Leo is romantic and fun loving. Do something special for yourself. Take yourself out on a date. Leo is connected to the healer and warrior Goddess Sekhmet. What do you need to heal? Be assertive with your healing.

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