The sun is in Pisces. We are being called to seek oneness during this time. Connect with the source. We are all connected. Our imaginations are high and our dreams are prophetic. Pay attention to your dreams.You may find yourself day dreaming a lot but don’t lose yourself. Pisces is encouraging change. “Go with the flow” is a good mantra right now. Avoid passive, escapist, and victim behaviors. Pisces season is a great time practice divine love, selfless service, compassion and empathy. Emotions are high. We are more sensitive and intuitive than usual. Follow your intuition. What do you feel? We are more focused on feeling and being than doing right now. Pisces is creative and spiritual. Tap in with your creativity and connect with your spiritual self. Deception is at an all time high.

I am one with source.
I manifest my dreams.
I am serving my purpose.
I feel deeply.
I am not ruled by emotion.
I am passionate and creative.
I am connected with my higher self.
I am achieving higher consciousness.

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