Happy new moon in Pisces. New moon in Pisces will be a sensitive and emotional moon since Pisces is a sensitive water sign. Observe your emotions and the emotions of others.¬†Fish deal with duality. One fish is going upward and the other fish is going downward. Pisces is a spiritual sign. This new moon is urging us to dive deeply into ourselves and become more devoted to our spiritual practices/values. We may seek solitude during this time. Pisces is very feminine. We should use this time to show appreciation to the awesome women in our lives. Let’s not forget to drink a lot of water. A great way to harness this creative and romantic energy is to tap in with our inner artist. Love is in the air. Pisces deals with connectedness, kindness, and compassion. We feel more connected to humanity and the divine. Embrace oneness. Pisces is the sign of dreams, so dreams may appear more vivid right now. Take note. Fasting, meditating, yoga, and praying by a body of water are ideal during this time. Use this new moon in Pisces to become more in touch with the divine and perform inner work.

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