The sun and moon are both in Aries not Taurus. Remember I work with 13 signs, which are based on the actual sky. Western astrology is based on seasons instead of stars. New moon in Aries is bringing a lot of fire power. Aries is the daredevil of the zodiac. Now is the time to make that move you been thinking about making. Take that calculated risk and leap of faith. Aries is the God of War so people will be aggressive during this time. Be aware. New moon in Aries will bring changes and new ideas. It will give us the courage to fearlessly make the changes that are needed to reach the next level. New moon in Aries will prepare us to pioneer the new chapters of our lives and take action. Set goals and be aggressive with them. Aries will push us to be independent, initiative, impulsive, innovative, confident, spontaneous, and assertive. This is go getter energy. Go with your moves. Aries is a fire sign. It loves to move around. We may feel the urge to travel during this time. Don’t forget to perform your new moon rituals. Book me for a reading if you haven’t so you can actually work with real soul maps.

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