I know most people think It’s Taurus season but it’s not. Western astrology never matched the sky and never will. Happy birthday to my mother ♈♈♈♈. Aries is the daredevil of the zodiac. Aries season is all about taking those risks that are needed to get ahead in life. We are being asked to be more assertive with our goals and self-sufficient. People will be forceful, violent, and aggressive during this time since Aries is the God of War. Pisces season was about feeling and going with the flow. Aries season is about doing, initiating, and putting ourselves out there. We will be more direct, spontaneous, impulsive, conquering, and blunt at this time. The sun is very close to unconventional and rebellious Uranus. We are feeling innovative, changeable, rebellious, and futuristic. Freedom and breaking away from routine are important right now. Expect the unexpected. Book a reading with me today at www.babylonisburninin.com so you can work with the actual stars instead of European lies.

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