Happy full moon in Aquarius (not Pisces). The sun is in Leo right now and the moon is in Aquarius. These are opposite signs. There will definitely be extremes and polarities. Conflicts may arise. Learn to balance your personal life with your professional life. Aquarius is the god of storms. Some people may be having dreams of flooding and water. Decode those dreams. They probably deal with emotions. Most people take things literally all the time. Don’t be one. The Water Bearer has water sign qualities like strong intuition. Tune in with your intuition. Aquarius is all about being your unique self. Be the individual you were created to be. Aquarius loves freedom, the Internet, and gadgets. This is a good time to work on your internet based businesses and create new products. It is also an air sign so we are feeling social. Social network! Get out there and create meaningful connections that will bring you closer to enlightenment and wealth. Aquarius is the social loner. Make sure you spend equally as much time being social as you spend alone. It is also the scientist of the zodiac. ¬†Experiment. Seek knowledge and try out some new ideas. This full moon will teach us how to be detached. It won’t be emotional like a Pisces full moon. Full moons are for letting go. What are you letting go of? This is a good time to get rid of useless and draining connections. Aquarius is unpredictable so prepare for the unexpected. Your normal routines make be shaken up. Make sure you perform your rituals. Remember most people are working with the wrong star signs and transits. Book me for an accurate reading that includes 13 signs of the zodiac.

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