Aquarius season is all about making changes. What changes are you making? What’s outdated in your life? Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac. Everyone has something unique to contribute to the world. What are you contributing? Aquarius is social. It deals with organizations and groups. Get out there and connect with like minded individuals. Right now is a good time to join a group if you feel the desire to. Aquarius is all about expressing freedom, originality, and ideas. Free yourself of restrictions. Take note of the ideas that come to mind during this time. Share different perspectives with others. We are hungry for knowledge right now. Go to the library, read, write, or research.

I am innovative with many ideas.
I embrace love and friendships.
I embrace positive changes and my inner evolution.
My uniqueness and individuality are gifts from the divine.
I am knowledgeable.
I am free from limitations.

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