Solar eclipse and new moon in Ophiuchus

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Happy new moon and solar eclipse in Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is a goddess holding a serpent. The serpent represents the kundalini. Ophiuchus is the healer of the zodiac. She has control over her life force energy. The universe is urging us to heal our chakra system and kundalini. It wants us to go through death and rebirth in order to become higher versions of ourselves. This energy is sexual since Ophiuchus is a blend of Scorpio and Sagittarius. Practice sacred sexuality and watch things manifest quickly. Serpentarius sits in the middle of the galaxy with a dark hole within to represent womb energy. Goddess energy is returning to the planet. Heal your wombs, ladies and respect the womb, men. We are feeling some of the strongest energy in the Milky Way right now. Ophiuchus is a portal sending us messages and codes. They won’t resonate with everyone. Are you aligned? Ophiuchus wants us to seek enlightenment and see things from beyond the veil. Mercury is also in Ophiuchus. Right now is a good time to study herbs, balance masculine + feminine energies, meditate,detox, practice yoga, heal holistically, create secret societies, practice magic, study astrology etc. Ophiuchus energy is asking us to embrace our inner weirdo. If you have any projects dealing with enlightenment and magic then this energy is for you to prosper. Use the last new moon and eclipse of the year to the best of your advantage. What are you making room for? What new things do you desire in your life?

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