Happy new moon in Libra. The moon  and sun are in Libra not Scorpio. Download google sky maps to recheck. Libra is the sign of relationships and romance. Relationships and relating will be the themes for the next couple of weeks. This is a good time to enter a new relationship, network, and be social. Go out on a date and have fun. The Scales symbolize Libra. Where are you lacking balance in your life? Are you balancing your professional and home life? Do you balance your relationships? Libra is urging us to appreciate the beauty that life has to offer. Buy some new clothing so you can look beautiful. Get out and smell the fresh air. Tap in with your inner artist. The Scales also deal with law and justice. What are people doing right now? They are voting. There is no coincidence that elections are during Libra season. Libra is the sign of peace and harmony. Welcome peace and harmony into your life. New moons are good for manifesting new things. What are you manifesting? Get a 13 sign natal chart reading from me.

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