Happy new moon in Leo. The sun and Mercury are in fiery Leo as well. Leo new moon is very powerful. Stay away from hot heads, gossip, and drama loving people. Stories of failing romance may come to light. Leo is the fearless king of the jungle. Moon in Leo is encouraging us to be fearless in our healing. Leo is also playful, creative, and romantic. Go out and have a great time. Watch that movie you want to see or go out on that date that you desire. Find new hobbies and outlets to express your creativity. Leo is expressive. You may spend some time changing up your appearance. Go shopping if you need to. Leo is also business minded. This is a great time to push those creative projects and ideas that we been sitting on for a while. Get out there and be seen. Leo is connected to the kemetic goddess of war and healing Sekhmet. She will help us heal if we are ready.


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