The sun is in Aries. Aries is a spontaneous, energetic, and adventurous sign. Have fun and do something exciting. Use this restless energy to be constructive, not destructive. We are being motivated to accomplish our desires. Aries is very impulsive, so we might find ourselves going with our moves. Don’t move too fast though. Work on being more thoughtful. Aries is aggressive since it shares a name with the God of War. Be bold, courageous, and confident in yourself. Avoid hot headed people and temper tantrums. Individuality is important to Aries. Be authentically yourself. Aries loves new things. This is a great time to start new projects and jobs. Put yourself out there and experience new things.

I embrace my authentic self.
I embrace my fun and adventurous side.
I put more thought behind my actions.
I have the will power to overcome obstacles and manifest my dreams.
I am self reliant and free.
I know what I want in life.
I am initiative and creative.

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