The sun is in Scorpio not Sagittarius. Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, taboos, the unseen, trauma, and loss. The sun only lasts in Scorpio for 6 days. The Scorpion is the most intense sign in the zodiac. It is encouraging us to seek depth, explore the darker sides of reality, and face our deepest fears. The occult may interest us. We may experience loss or death during this time. Libra encouraged us to build connections with others. Scorpio is all about diving inwards and reflecting.
This energy is giving us the strength to overcome any challenges that may come our way. Scorpio will trigger intense transformations within each of us. Trauma and dark emotions will surface. Introspection is an important theme. Right now is the time to purge bad habits. What are your worst vices? Scorpio is a very intimate and emotional sign so we will find ourselves craving intimate relationships more than usual. Practice sacred sexuality since Scorpio rules the genitals. Sexual energy is higher than usual. Use those orgasms to manifest better lives.

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