Parasite cleanse (capsules)

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Ingredients- wormwood, cloves, spirulina, motherworth, urca ursi, cilantro, white oak bark, black walnut hulls, wood betony, pumpkin seeds, and love.

You must eat a strict diet for 10 days for it to be effective. No meat, dairy, soy, artificial ingredients, or bread for the whole 10 days.  No fruit first 3 days. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for the entire 10 days.


Detox symptoms:



Body pain


Changes in appetite

Nausea and vomiting




One thought on “Parasite cleanse (capsules)

  1. I had these detox pills for a couple months before I decided to commit to the process. When I started, I was given the list of food you can eat while cleansing and preparation is key. After the first few days it started to get fun because I enjoyed my food more and more. There was no turning back, even if I put myself in different environments, I stayed strong and discipline. As my 10 days came to a end, my skin was glowing, my mind was clear and my taste buds had upgraded. Overall, I would highly recommend this cleanse, give your body the necessary break and there is so much freedom on the other side! Lastly, you can tell the pills were made with great intention and love. 10/10

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