Lunar Eclipse-Full moon in Gemini

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Happy full moon in Gemini. Gemini is logical, restless, and detached. We will feel lively for the next few weeks. This is great energy to start the so called new year with. It’s not emotional like a Cancer full moon. We can use this energy to communicate our feelings since Gemini is the communicator and social butterfly of the zodiac. Get out there and socialize if you feel the need to. It’s a great transit for meeting people. Some people are really talkative right now. Mental stimulation is desired. We feel the urge to seek truth and share what we learn. The Twins deal with duality. They are all about learning new perspectives. We must learn to balance the left and right sides of our brains. Gemini is experimental and likes to stay on the move. Go take that ride to the other side of town or trip somewhere if you would like to. Gemini reminds us to be versatile and learn many trades. Gadgets may attract us. Full moon in Gemini will be very healing for the mind.

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