Most people think Virgo season is ending but it is just getting started. It started September 16th. Happy Virgo season. Virgo season is the longest season. It’s about 45 days. Most of the world’s population is Virgo. Virgo is the workaholic and perfectionist of the zodiac. This is a great time to perfect your craft and get organized. Build a system that works for you. Virgo is also the sign of health. Do you want to eat better and get fit? Right now is the perfect time. Detox and get that check up. The universal energies will assist you. Earth signs are sensual and deal with routine. Tune into your senses and change up your routine. Plant a garden and use your green thumb. Virgo is about being efficient and paying attention to detail. Find new ways to become efficient and appreciate the simple things in life. Examine the flaws in yourself and fix them. Most people point out everyone’s flaws but their own. Analyze a plan and yourself. Virgo energy is urging us to seek self-improvement. Harvest season is here. Reap what you sow. Book a reading and discover your true signs today.

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