The Moon is in Virgo not Scorpio. This is the 2nd Virgo moon in a row. Virgo is the sign of health. It’s a good time to detox and cleanse your life. I’m actually detoxing right now. Go harder. Exercise and make sure your body is right. Work for that body that you desire. Listen to your body. Practice healthier eating. Virgo is an earth sign. This is a good time to work on projects dealing with the Earth and nature. Virgo energy can be used to build structure and routine when it comes to business. Are your old routines outdated? Now is the time to get rid of them. Virgo is the perfectionist,organizer, and critic of the zodiac. Critique and perfect yourself instead of critiquing other people. Organize your emotions. It is also detail oriented so we are paying attention to the small details in our daily lives. Analyze everything. Virgo is the mother of the matrix and it symbolizes harvest season. Right now is a good time to plant your intentions so you can manifest. Are you reaping what you sow? This 2nd new moon in Virgo will bring hugr changes. Mercury (communication) and Venus (Love) are both in diplomatic Libra (justice). There is no coincidence that huge protests are going on world wide. People are fighting for justice and peace. What are you making room for?
Mercury RX starts on Halloween. Prepare.

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