Welcome to Libra season. The sun isn’t in Scorpio yet. Libra is an air sign so we will feel social during this time. Get out there and network. Go party and have fun. Libra is also romantic since it’s ruled by Venus. Add beauty to your life. Feel comfortable in your skin. Go on a date or take yourself on a date. Go shopping. Buy some new make up and fragrances. Eat your favorite food. Do whatever will make you feel more confident and beautiful. Libra is artistic. We must embrace our artistic side. Libra was once knowm as the Claws of Scorpio. The Scales are always trying to find balance between life (Virgo) and death (Scorpio). We are getting deeper into the underworld. The universe will help us achieve balance and harmony after we put in the necessary work. Relationships, partnerships, and soul contracts are to be taken very seriously since Libra is the sign of relationships. Venus (love) and Mercury (communication) are also in Libra. These transits are adding on to the diplomatic, romantic, peace loving, and social energy that’s in the air.. It’s a great time for love and money. Enjoy cuffing season.

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