September 11th (12th during a leap year) marks the beginning of a new Ethiopian year. It is 2012 instead of 2019. Ethiopia wasn’t colonized by Europeans. Therefore they have one of the most accurate calendars. The Ethiopian calendar has 13 months with 1 month being shorter than the others. This aligns with 13 sign astrology. One of the seasons (Scorpio) is very short. Our calendars suppose to consist of 13 months based on moon cycles. The Gregorian calendar is the calendar that we use. It is about 7-8 years ahead. Artificial time rushes us and keeps us enslaved to artificial frequencies. The next couple of months will reveal if the 2012 prophecies are true or not. The Bahamas just got hit by a strong storm. Hurricane Dorian even made its way to Canada. The Amazon, Congo, and Angola are still burning. Pay attention. We shall witness a major consciousness shift.

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