Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Ophiuchus

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The full moon lunar eclipse is in Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is in the middle of the galaxy and has black holew within it. It’s depicted as a woman holding a serpent. The serpent represents kundalini (life force) energy. Kundalini energy is rises up the spine to the crown. It connects us with the universe and helps us reach our full potential. Right now is a good time to heal our chakras and activate our kundalini energy. Are you witnessing the shift in consciousness? Ophiuchus is linked to the father of medicine–Imhotep. This is a great time to heal our minds, spirits, and bodies. Herbal medicine, plant based eating, magic, alchemy, occult, conspiracies, and mysteries may attract us. Witchy energy is in the air. Full moon in Ophiuchus is bringing light to those shadowy parts that we may like to avoid and hide from. A lot of women been exposing their sexual trauma in order to heal. Ophiuchus merges Scorpio (sex) with Sagittarius (higher learning) to gain enlightenment. Some may feel called to practice sacred sexuality at this time. Ophiuchus is anti patriarchy. Women are more fed up with patriarchy than ever. This lunar eclipse will bring cleansing and intense transformation. What or who do you need to let go of? Don’t fear the unknown. Tap in with the higher dimensions.

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