Happy full moon in Taurus. Taurus is the goddess of love and creation. Tap in with your creative energy if you been experiencing blockages . Taurus wants us to enjoy life and manifest our reality. Beautify your life and everything around you. Full moon in Taurus is very sensual. Dance, art, and music will interest us. Listen to your favorite music, light your favorite incense, and eat your favorite food. Avoid overindulgence by any means. Taurus deals with the law of attraction. Think about what you need to attract and focus on it. Look beyond material things. It’s a great time to reflect on abundance, material security, and economics. What do you value? What’s blocking your abundance? Are you holding on to a draining job? What’s stopping you from living comfortably? Taurus rules the throat. This energy will help us heal our heart chakra. Be productive.

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