Full moon in Sagittarius and lunar eclipse

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Happy full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius not Capricorn. Sagittarius is known as the Sage, wandering gypsy, and wise one. It rules the 9th house which deals with the higher mind/knowledge. We should use this time to seek wisdom and figure out the meaning of life. Look for the bigger picture. Sagittarius is linked to the God of wisdom, writing, magic and religion, Tehuti. Seek your purpose. Traveling can help. This will be a fiery full moon, so avoid looney and hot headed people if possible. With the lunar eclipse and 6 planetary objects in retrograde, we will be forced to face our shadow selves. You don’t have to pretend to be perfect. Own up to the dark emotions you may be trying to run from. Sagittarius loves freedom. What’s standing in your way of freedom? Full moons are for letting go. What are you letting of of?


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