The full moon is in Capricorn instead of Aquarius. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.
It is the disciplinarian and father of the zodiac. The Sea Goat represents the dual nature of Capricorn. The goat symbolizes the material and ambitious side while the fish tail symbolizes the intuitive and spiritual side. We will achieve our highest desires by expressing who we are as souls. Capricorn energy will urge us to focus on business, practical things, structure, stability, security, discipline, time management etc. This moon cycle will be harsh for those who seem to be stuck in a fantasy world. Capricorn is a sign of status and achievements. What work are you doing to reach your goals? What are you planning? The full moon in Capricorn will give us the extra push needed to create new routines and systems. We just have to be patient and use good judgment. This is a great moon to tap in with herbs, receive guidance from elders, create stronger connections with Earth, meditate, and manifest money. What do you need to let go of during this full moon cycle?

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