July 20th- August 9th

The sun moved from detached and sociable Gemini to sentimental and protective Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the moon. It’s the sign of family and craves security. We will find ourselves spending more time at home with family and loved ones. Cancer is also highly intuitive, so make sure you are listening to your gut. Sun in Cancer is brining out sensitivity and high emotions. Watch out for mood swings. Feel the energy in motion but don’t let it rule yo. What are your feelings telling you? Cancer is the mother of the zodiac. We will feel more compassionate and nurturing during this time. Intimacy and romance are in the air. Do you feel the love?

I am in control of my emotions.
I am creating the loving home and environment that I desire.
I protect what I love.
I trust my intuition and instincts.
I find security within myself.
I am one with the divine mother.
I am compassionate and understanding.
My needs are fulfilled.

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